Nora Aunor

Nora Aunor is one of the Phillipines most beloved actresses, starring in over 180 feature films, stage and TV.


Mi-Re Kim

Mi-re Kim is an award-winning documentary director and producer. Based in Seoul, Mi-re was born on a small farm in Korea’s North Chungcheong province. She is on the steering committee of the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video. Mi-Re Kim's films often comment on gender discrimination in male-dominated workplaces and the ways that female workers must fight against it. She directed the film Always Dream of Tomorrow in 2001, and most recently completed the 2013 documentary Sanda, about the daily lives of middle-aged workers at a telecom company in Korea. The documentary has won praise for its examination of the way real workers are surviving by just scraping by–especially in the current economic climate.


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The Asian Interactive Film Festival is being developed as a major online festival and VOD site for lovers of Asian movies, shorts, animation, documentary, experimental and more. As the fastest growing film industry in the world you are in for a rich treat of online entertainment and fun.

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The Festival submissions deadlines and entry process will be announced in the New Year. We accept films made in Asia or predominantly in Asia, films by Asian producers, directors and writers and films about Asia by non-Asian filmmakers.

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Desert Riders

TThousands of children, some as young as two, were trafficked to work as camel jockeys in the Middle East. At the training schools, they were starved, injected with hormones and physically abused.



During the so-called Egyptian revolution, the people from Bulaq played an upper role. This film portrays a little known story of social marginalisation, whose destiny is strictly intertwined with the Egyptian spring.


Malaki – Scent of an Angel

MALAKI - Scent of an Angel revolves around the families of abducted persons during and in the aftermath of the Lebanese civil war..


The Burning Season

The Burning Season is an eco-thriller about a young man not afraid to confront the biggest challenge of our time


Miss South Pacific

The Miss South Pacific Pageant is non-stop rollicking good fun and the viewer will be entertained. But in the end, the real story is about the impacts of global warming on these remarkable people of the South Pacific.


Return To Gaza

Gaza is Fetah Sabawi’s ancestral home. Can he take his family back? Can he start a music school in Gaza? Can he be part of a solution? What are his chances? Return to Gaza is a very personal insight into the Mid East conflict.


The Girls of Phnom Penh

Against the sordid backdrop of the Cambodian sex industry, we profile the lives of three young girls who have been dragged into prostitution.


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