BEST YOUTH FEATURE FILM – APSA 2016 The World of Us (Woorideul)

The World of Us (Woorideul), Republic of Korea, produced by Lee Chang-dong and Kim Soon-mo won the APSA 2016 Best Youth Feature Film at APSA 2016.


A powerful insight into the lives of school girls. A ten year old girl, usually left out at school, makes friends with another girl who is new to town over the summer holidays. They enjoy a wonderful friendship until they return to school when the new girl joins in with bullying her friend in order to fit in with the cool kids. As she realises her mistake in betraying her best friend it is unclear if it’s too late for the girls to be the great friends they have been again.

Jury Chair Chris Fujiwara said “We were very struck by the film because it is so rare to see films about a group of girls of primary school age, the film depicted the power relationships between these girls, their longing to be accepted and their desire to have social prestige. All of these things were really beautifully portrayed in this film and it was a very, very moving film about the longing for friendship and acceptance.”


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