The Girls of Phnom Penh

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Year 2009
Minutes 52
Location Cambodia

The sorid world of sex trafficking is rife in many Asian countries like Cambodia, where poor families sell their daughters into the sex trade. The Girls of Phnom Penh is a beautifully shot, cinematic tale that follows three young girls into the prostitution industry. Srey Leak, Me Nea and Cheata are little more than children. In this intimate documentary filmmaker Matthew Watson captures the last vestiges of innocence and the insecurities and vanities of teenagers as they make the greatest of sacrifices to help their families. Told in their own words, this is a story about redemption, humour and sisterhood in the face of dreadful adversity and virtual sex slavery. Featuring a soundtrack by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, this is a film that will move you, and shed light on the dark places.

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